Pure Team Water Damage Clean Up and Mold Remediation is a professional business that provides excellent water damage restoration solutions at its finest: our services are effective and of the highest quality, because we pay a lot of attention to every detail. Our work is validated by our main accreditations, as well as countless pleased customers who have actually hired our services and authorized our work and our treatments.

Water damage restoration is a delicate procedure, and it needs to be performed by true experts. Our group is made up of extremely trained specialists who will be able to deal with all sort of water damage circumstances. On the other hand, we constantly deal with the most specialized water damage repair devices.

Water damage restoration implies a lot of details that just a true expert is able to deal with. Among our services, our water restoration solutions consist of

Water Damage Restoration in Avalon
Water Damage Restoration
Flood Restoration in Avalon
Flood Restoration
Mold Removal in Avalon
Mold Removal in Avalon
Slab Leak Detection in Avalon
Slab Leak Detection
Fire Damage Restoration in Avalon
Fire Damage Restoration


Learn more about more about our services. We supply unique attention to our customers because we understand how important it is to please them and supply them with the real high quality services they require and deserve. By employing our services you will get

We are deeply committed to supplying just however the most effective services when it pertains to water damage repair. All our treatments are verified by our main accreditations. Stop paying for less than professional services and poorly done tasks: trust your water damage situation to genuine experts. Real Power Water Damage Restoration has years of experience handling the most complex water damage complication: we have the knowledge, and we desire you to see why our services are the most professional in the whole city.


  • After several attempts, I am delighted because someone could finally remove the mold from my walls and ceilings. We had had a problem with a leak in one of the upstairs bathrooms. And not only was it a cosmetic problem but there was also a foul odor of dampness and mold. The situation was highly uncomfortable for my family. Still, after the timely intervention of the cleaning technicians, everything changed, and the environment returned to normal. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't found them. Perhaps I would have struggled to find another service just as efficient and accessible. Keep it up, stay professional, and you will never be short of work.
  • My house got flooded and I was afraid that I might have a mold problem because of all the water inside my property. My son told me we could try some DIY solutions but I knew that we needed professional help, so I decided to ask for this water damage restoration service. I have to say that their prices are very fair, but their solutions are incredible: I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Once they finished their job, our house was in perfect condition once again.
  • It is essential to go to professionals when we have a problem. When it comes to mold removal, it is no exception. I had tried on other occasions to remove the mold with homemade products. Still, it was counterproductive because I did not eliminate the mold, I also expanded the stain. That's when I found this mold removal company, and everything changed. They found the solution to my problem and were very professional during the work. They know how to remove mold, I can recommend them to all my neighbors.
  • The team that was sent to assist my issue was very kind. They were very caring and really tried to do all in their power to complete the work properly. The technicians were very receptive of my many concerns and definitely appreciate how helpful they were while in my house. I was very happy to receive detailed information on the flood restoration process. They really wanted me to understand the whole process and were very open to answer all my questions and doubts. Thank you so much for your support.
  • I know it isn't easy to trust companies these days, but I like it to be recognized when someone does a good job. I hired them because a flood at home left enough moisture to form mold colonies. Of course, I tried to remove it on my own without success until I called them and raised my problem. They came quickly and offered me very affordable rates compared to other companies. I am very grateful for such good work; call them when you have mold problems; they are experts.
  • We had to contact the services given by your flood restoration company. We were very impressed with how quick they responded to my call as they arrived on time and managed to mitigate the damage. We were devastated as it was a Friday night and didn’t think any company was going to be able to help us. Luckily, your experts were ready to tackle our emergency. They provided great service, expert coordination with the insurance company and quality repair. Thank you so much for saving my property!
  • I’ve had terrible experiences with water damage restoration processes before. The last time it was the most professional experience because I asked for this company and I understood that what we needed the most was finding the right company and the right service. They provided me with the professional solutions I needed, and now my property is in good condition once again. Thanks a lot for such expert service, it was the best decision!
  • My mother contacted your flood restoration services due to the water heater leak that was causing damages in our home. I was very surprised how fast they responded to our call as the experts showed by my door 30 minutes after my call. They told me not to worry about the issue as they had the experience and knowledge to tackle the situation. On top of that, they came fully geared with advanced equipment which made me feel very relieved. I received an outstanding job at a reasonable price. We were very pleased with their services and will always recommend the service.
  • After hiring this water damage restoration service, I understood that if I wanted professional results, I would have to hire professional solutions. This is the best water damage restoration company because the service technicians took care of every single detail: extracting the water, drying, cleaning up and disinfecting, and finally the restoration process. I don’t regret this decision at all: I highly recommend this company and all its services.


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